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Lemonade with Blueberry Froth

One of my favorite uses of the whipping siphon is to create foams for drinks and cocktails. It's a great way to add to the presentation of any drink and get your guests talking. It's also often as easy as blending one of the drink's ingredients with a thickener such as xanthan gum or Ultra-Sperse to give it some body.

This recipe is a refreshing take on blueberry lemonade that changes the ubiquitous summer drink into a modernist creation your friends will love. It is a light blueberry froth dispensed on top of a glass of lemonade. The blueberry foam slowly filters into the drink, changing the flavor of the lemonade the longer you drink it. It is a quick recipe to make and is a great way to elevate a common drink.

If you can't find blueberry puree or blueberry juice, it is easy to make your own. In a blender, combine blueberries with some water or orange juice and puree until it becomes very smooth. Simply strain the puree to remove pieces of blueberries and the puree is ready to use.

This is a very versatile base recipe. You can replace the blueberry juice with any berry juice or other flavorful liquid. You can also use different bases than lemonade such as ginger ale, lime soda, or club soda. Feel free to experiment and see what works best for you.
Blueberry foam lemonade

Blueberry Froth Lemonade Tools Needed

If you like this recipe you can get it and more than 50 other recipes from my book Modernist Cooking Made Easy: The Whipping Siphon. The book covers the three main uses of the whipping siphon: foaming, carbonating, and infusing. It is all presented in an easy to understand format that anyone can follow.

Also, if you are just getting started experimenting with molecular gastronomy and modernist cuisine then I highly recommend one of these molecular gastronomy kits. They have everything you need to do many different dishes.

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Blueberry Froth Lemonade

  • Published: November 8, 2013
  • By Jason Logsdon
  • Prep Time: 15 Minutes
  • Total Time: 15 Minutes

Blueberry Froth Lemonade Ingredients

For the Blueberry froth

400 grams blueberry puree or blueberry juice, strained

1 gram xanthan gum, 0.25%

For the Blueberry Lemonade


Mint leaves

Blueberry Froth Lemonade Instructions

For the Blueberry Froth

Combine the blueberry puree and xanthan gum then blend well. Pour into a whipping siphon, seal, and charge.

To Assemble and Serve

To serve, add ice to a glass and fill most of the way with lemonade. Shake the siphon several times then turn it upside down and dispense directly into the glass, filling the glass most of the way to the top. Top with some blueberries and mint leaves.

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